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Hire a CPP

A video by Professional Photographers of America as to the consumer benefits in hiring a CPP.

What has your experience been with a photographer?  There are many photographers out there today but only a very few hold the CPP and Master of Photography.  Kurt Robertson is both and has 29 years of experience.  Have Kurt photograph your needs and you will know what a professional is all about.

Did you know that Studio One credits ALL of your money towards your  senior portrait order?  This can be big savings for you and your parents.

Studio One is looking for models to do promotional work for the studio.  It’s easy.  Just “like” Studio One on Facebook, friend me (Kurt Robertson) and get your parents permission.

The end of session fees!  No more session fees for Senior Portraits at Studio One.  All of your hard earned money goes towards your pictures.  Just meet the order minimum for the session and choose from great pictures in the style that you choose.   This is unique for photographers Jackson Michigan.

Kurt Robertson is a Certified Professional Photographer by the Professional Photographers of America.  He is also a Master Photographer that has dedicated himself to photography for the last 30 years.  He produces quality portraits that you will be proud to own no matter where he takes the original images.  Whether it’s a wall portrait, an 8×10 or wallets.  You can rest assured that your portrait will be made on the finest materials available.  You will look great for many years to come and enjoy the quality of a finely produced portrait.